5 Things Event Professionals Wish You Knew

Hello All,

In my one year working as an events coordinator, I’ve learned A LOT. The list includes, how to open wine and champagne, what prosecco is, never tuck a chair under linen, and…even not to microwave silverware. Yeah…I said that. I work for two highly professional women who definitely know how to throw an extraordinary event and I am eternally grateful for the knowledge that they’ve shared with me. Through all the wedding and events, I’ve collected a few tips from my own personal experiences in the field and came up with this list of 5 things every event professional wish you knew.

1) Mason Jars Are Played Out – Who knew a jar made for food would have such an impact on the wedding world? Millennial brides have taken these glass wonders and made just about ANYTHING with them. With that being said, let’s leave mason jars in the kitchen and try something new. Check out this blog by Inked Weddings to find some cute alternatives! Here is also a picture of a wedding I worked last year where they used an assortment of small vases for their floral:


2) Your Planner Should Never Be an “All-In-One” Deal – If you hire a planner and he/she suggests that they can take care of everything including the coordination, decoration, lighting, catering and DJ…JUST SAY NO! You may think that you’re been cost efficient, but you are really hurting yourself in the long run. This day should be about you and/or the people you’re throwing the party for, therefore you need someone making sure that everything is executed flawlessly, not someone running dealing with multiple situations.

3) Your DJ and Photographer are the Two MOST Important Vendors – DJ’s are in charge of keeping the party alive and upbeat, so make sure you hire a credible person with experience! There’s nothing worse than a DJ that makes you and your guests feel like your at a nightclub while shouting, “All my ladies in the house make some noise!” No. Just No. As for your photographer, you’ll be way too occupied to remember this day or keep up with your guests, so great photos are a MUST!

4) NEVER Hire a Family Friend or Relative to Work at Your Event – I can’t tell you how many times we’ve encountered this situation and each time, the result is the same each time; IT DOESN’T WORK. The person you hire needs to be 100% dedicated to their job. If you hire a family friend or relative, they will want to be a part of the mix and will not fulfill their duties as an outside vendor would.

5) Be Sure Guests are Watching Their Kids – Kids will be kids…and that’s ok! However, it may become a problem when they start running around knocking things over, putting their fingers in the cake, throwing fits, etc…Make your day less stressful by hiring an event baby sitter so you can have a good time all while your is child close by. There are actually websites you can look up that specialized in event sitting such as American Child Care and Nannytainment.


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